• Фрезерный станок Holzmann BF 50 MINI (400V) (фото #1)

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Фрезерный станок Holzmann BF 50 MINI (400V)

Номер объявления: 7832582

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  • Раздел Металлообработка
  • Местоположение Vilnius, Vilnius
  • Добавлено 31.07.2018 13:33

motor data
motor power s1 in W 1,1 kW
voltage 400V / 3 / 50Hz
outreach in mm 155
table size in mm 600x152
milling and drilling
milling adapter MK/MT3
milling spindle speed in min-1 200-2500
max. distance spindle-table in mm 343
travel X-axis in mm 370
travel Y-axis in mm 150
travel Z-axis in mm 195
spindle stroke in mm 80
head swivel 90°
gross weight in kg 400
net weight in kg 350
packaging width in m 0,82
packaging height in m 1,62
packaging length in m 0,97

- compact precision design with high spindle rotation accuracy
- speed adjustable by shifting the V-belt
- exact manual feed due to finely adjustable hand wheels
- smooth-running table due to adjustable guide gibs
- lamp and central lubrication as standard
- optional, automatic feed and machine stand available


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