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Klijavimo mašina OSAMA S4R/P

Skelbimo numeris: 7815933

24 850 €

  • Skiltis Medžio apdorojimas
  • Buvimo vieta Vilnius, Vilnius
  • Pridėta 25.07.2018 14:44

Main features:

Uniform and constant spreading across the entire working width, thanks to innovative technology and special compensating shock absorbers that allow you to calibrate the differences in the panels
Porkyte spreading shafts have been a special layer of synthetic rubber with an "antacid" that allows for longer life.
MIKROMETRIC DOSING: the glue is obtained with ebonite rolls, controlled by an adjustable knob.
PROTECTIVE DEVICES: it guarantees the highest operator safety for all moving parts.
ELECTRIC SYSTEM: Fully enclosed, in accordance with European Union regulations, with the control button overlay, 24V voltage.
Automatic sprinkler for 4 rolls with a parallel shift.
Adhesive fed into the lower rollers through hoses and duct that maintain working clearance.
Direct motorization of distribution rollers.
An automatic washing station ensures safety.


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